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Peacock Feather Infinity symbol wall decor

Peacock Feather Infinity symbol wall decor

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This feather infinity symbol sign decor represents limitless , eternal and unbreakable. Add the beauty element of a beautiful peacock feather to this infinity sign and its a conversation piece. Great gift for those special friends or loved ones. Make this part of your living room or garden decor. Peacocks are symbolic for re-growth and rejuvenation, royalty, respect and integrity and are considered sacred birds in many religions and cultures


  • Our Peacock infinity feather symbol metal Wall Art Is Perfect For  
    • Valentine's Day 
    • Anniversaries 
    • Wedding Gifts 
    • Birthdays 
    • Friends & Family  
  • Design Features  
    • Available In 6 Sizes: 36", 30",
      24", 18", 14", 12"
    • Available in 5 Colors: Black, Red, White, Silver,
    • Mounting Hardware Not Included  
  • Powder Coated For Durability  
    • Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use 
    • Weather & Rust Resistant 
    • 18 Gauge Steel  
  • Made in the USA  
    • Made With American Steel   
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