Product FAQ

General Product Questions:

Q: How do I hang my product?
A: Here are a few ways you can hang your art work

  • For our products that do not have holes designed specifically for hanging, we recommend using small finishing nails that you can tuck into any corners to secure them to your wall. Use nails with small heads and you’ll never notice them!
  • You can also use magnetic screws that you screw into the wall and then stick the artwork onto it.
  • You can also use command strips but for the larger sizes please make sure to use small nails to secure it since the larger pieces can get heavy depending on the design
  • Note: Depending on the design some artwork may have sharp edges please exercise caution when unwrapping the artwork so as not to hurt yourself. 

Q: Will my project come with hardware to hang it?
A: No hardware will be included. We don’t include the hardware. If you have questions about how to hang your particular product send us a message and we will be glad to help.

Q: Will my product be heavy?
A: In most cases, no, even though it is made of metal, most of our products only weigh between 3-10 pounds.

Q: Is my product magnetic?
A: Yes they are, all of our products are made from mild steel (unless otherwise noted).

Q: Will my product ever rust?
A: We powder coat your product, it will not rust, but if the product is kept outdoors there will be normal wear and tear due to long exposure to the elements

Q: How long will my product last?
A: Your metal project will last for generations! The life of the finish on your product will depend on the environment it is in and the way it is handled. We advise for longest-lasting durability for your metal sign to hang in a low weather impacted area and away from any salt/chlorine such as a pool area. 
Signs should last quite some time with little to no intervention involving special care. If rust arises quickly there may have been an error in production, and we would be happy to remake a defective item within 30 days of purchase.

Q: How is my project made?
A: All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A. They start as a design on the computer and are then cut out of metal using a Laser Cutter. After a product is cut out and any sharp edges are removed, a finish is applied, and the product is complete!

Q: Is the artwork delicate?

A: Depending on the design some pieces may have small intricate patterns in which case care should be taken when opening and pulling out the artwork from the package so as not to break it. Also please use caution to not hurt your fingers in cases where the designs may have sharp edges

Q: How are the artwork sizes measured?

A: The sizes are standard 12, 14, 18, 24, 30 and 36 inches , however this can depend on the design of the artwork. For instance, if the artwork is either vertical or horizontal, the size of the largest side would be 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36 as per the order.