What is powder coating and is it toxic?

What is powder coating and is it toxic?

We at Mooi Metal Art take pride in using only environmentally friendly products in our artwork. The metal wall decor we produce is powder-coated for durability which is why our products work great indoors and outdoors.

So what is powder coating?

Powder coatings are polymer resins that are combined with pigments, curatives, modifiers, and leveling agents to create a uniform powder similar to baking flour. Powder coating is the only production process that can create a wide range of colors, textures, and visual effects.

At Mooi Metal Art we use powder coat colors like black, red, silver, white, and copper to add that extra something to our steel artwork. These colors are carefully chosen so all the artwork we offer works well together as a group or individually as a piece. Our colors also have a beautiful matte finish to them which makes it stand out even more in your home.

Is powder coating toxic?

Powder coating has been used in America since the 1960s and is rapidly gaining popularity in big industries like automotive, plastics, and more. One of its biggest pluses is that the coatings are safe to use and handle. All powders used in the process are non-toxic, non-volatile, and safe, unlike wet paint which can be carcinogenic and flammable and not environmentally safe if it's not handled correctly. 

How is my artwork powder coated?

An electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) process is used to apply the powder coating to the artwork. A spray gun that applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles which are then attracted to the grounded artwork. After the powder coating is applied the curing process involves applying heat to the artwork. This process makes a highly resistant protective coating that is very durable and long-lasting.

Durable Artwork

Powder coating and its high-quality finish allow for your artwork to be more durable than liquid paints while still providing that wow factor you are looking for in your home decor. They are more resistant to extreme weather conditions, ultraviolet light, chemicals, and moisture, making them easy to enjoy indoors or outdoors. This makes it resistant to chipping and scratches which in turn makes for a piece you can count on to look great from one generation to the next.

In conclusion, enjoy your Mooi Metal Art for years to come!





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