How to hang Metal Wall Art

How to Hang Metal Wall Art

The popularity of metal wall art is on the rise and this is because they are practical and make a great addition to any home or office décor.


Here at Mooi Metal Art, everything is made in the USA and undergoes strict quality controls. Every sign is cut with a high-precision laser and hand finished making sure that it passes all inspection points. This sign will last for decades as it is weatherproof, constructed of rust-free materials, and comes with a powder coating finish that makes it durable for outdoor use. Check out our collections here.

At Mooi Metal Art your artwork can be between 1lb to 10lb depending on the design of the artwork. There are various kinds of metal décor available in the market. Mooi Metal Art provides high-quality and high-grade 18 gauge steel that will last for generations and is durable to be used inside or outside your home.

Below are some of the tools you may need to hang your artwork

  •  Screwdriver or power drill
  •  Hanging hardware (see descriptions below)
  •  Level
  •  Stud finder
  •  Pencil
  •  Weighing scale (optional)


Before you begin be sure to take into account a few things:

  • Weigh your artwork to know which hanging hardware will work for your artwork
  • Find a good spot (indoors or outdoors) on where to hang your artwork. Larger pieces will typically look great as a focal point and works best in the center of your room
  • Use a tape measure to measure at what height from the ground you would like to hang your artwork. Typically the best height is around 140cm from the floor. If guessing, go with eye level or slightly above eye level to hang your artwork. Mark the top spot where you want the artwork to go with your pencil.
  • During and after installation be sure to use the level to make sure your artwork is level with the ground


Installing your laser-cut metal sign is easy with so many ways to install it.

The items listed below are all available in your local hardware store. 

Magnetic hanging hardware

Hang heavy or light decorative metal art using this powerful magnetic hanging hardware. They can support up to approximately 26lbs. These disc-shaped magnets with a countersunk hole for fixing are perfect for easy installation. Stick these onto the steel metal wall art as a guide to mark on the wall where you want to install it before screwing these into the wall. Once done, stick your metal art on it. These magnets are not visible and thereby giving the impression of your artwork floating on the wall

Master Magnets

These magnets are similar to the Magnetic screws described above with the added advantage that you don't need to screw holes into your wall. This method is recommended for lighter metal wall arts that are not too heavy. Clean the wall surface as per instructions on the hardware kit and then peel the backing off the back of the magnet and stick it on the wall. Wait for 24 hrs, then place your decorative metal wall art on the magnets.

Velcro Hanging strips

Similar to the Master magnets, Velcro strips do not require drilling into walls hanging hardware. The Velcro hanging strips prevent any damage on your walls and don't leave a residue on your walls once removed. Buy larger or smaller sizes based on your metal wall art size. No hammers or nails are required! We would recommend adding small nails to secure the wall art.


The use of nails to install art on walls is usually the traditional route. These work great indoors or outdoors except on tile. Mark your spots on the wall based on the metal wall art design and hammer these into the wall. Once the artwork is hung on the wall, we recommend securing it in place with double-sided tape. While nails don't provide the same discretion as to the magnet hangers, they are easy to install


Hanging your metal wall art outside your home can be easy and affordable with screws. You will require a power drill to drill in the screws. Screws work great for textured surfaces like stucco. Pre-drill your holes using a masonry or concrete bit to make nailing a lot easier. With screws, you can hang personalized metal signs of your residence's name or hang that monogrammed sign on your gate or front door. For better results look to picking screw colors that are the same or close to the color of your artwork

Wreath hanging Hardware

Great for your front or back doors. Wreath hangers have a square hook on one end to hang over the door and a curving loop on the other end. Pick an adjustable wreath hanger for better results. Works great for light and heavy decorative metal wall art. Hanging your metal art on your wreath provides a unique entryway experience for your home

 Vinyl Siding Hooks

If hanging your metal artwork outside on vinyl, use vinyl siding hooks which are non-invasive. It rolls easily into the seams of your siding thereby causing no damage to the siding. Its easy to install and remove later on as well.

 Note: Use these only if the design of the artwork has spaces large enough to go over the hook.


In conclusion, there are many ways to hang your beautiful artwork. Pick one based on your unique situation and preference.

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